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Our Thinking

Algeria's promise

Algeria is one of the last developing market success stories and the time is ripe to invest in the country’s future.

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Aviation Services

In the past few years, the airline industry has been experiencing a large-scale revival, thereby offering huge potential to investors, from which even conservative players can profit.

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Capital markets

Increasing the role of the stock market in project financing will help to diversify economic activity away from dependence on hydrocarbons.

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Data Centers

The exponential growth of data accumulation and transfer over the past decade has become a key factor in the reshaping of the IT industry.

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Fashion and Luxury

As the global economy recovers, the global luxury industry is growing as well. Years of slower but sustainable growth will be the trend going forward.

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Unlocking mining sector potential is critical for industrial development in Algeria. The time is ripe to dig for opportunities in Algeria’s underground.

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Our worldview

In the 'New Normal' world in which we are living, investors must either invest in liquid, safe assets that have negative returns or in illiquid assets that are considered extremely risky.

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Renewable energies represent the future, with wind, solar, and hydropower becoming increasingly relevant in the context of total percentage of global energy consumption.

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Few major global industries experience the same peak-to-trough variations as those of the maritime sector. This presents a strong investment opportunity.

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The Maghreb, a slumbering economic potential…

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