Meet Tell

Our story

At Tell Group, we view the world differently.
We truly believe that “impossible” is simply an opinion.
We are living in unprecedented times.

Since the 2008 financial crises, there has been a paradigm shift in the global markets, leaving many industry players ill-prepared to adapt. In a world of uncertainty and negative real interest rates, it is imperative to embrace a new way of investment thinking and execution. Enter Tell Group.

We are a team of financial industry experts with a shared vision developed through many years of common experience and collaboration. Through strong investor acumen and an entrepreneurial affinity, we have developed an innovative, state-of-the-art operating platform to navigate through the new normal in financial markets. This allows us to seize opportunities to create and deliver uncommon value to sophisticated investors in both emerging and mature markets alike.

It is a challenge to gain a competitive advantage by being the first to capitalize on opportunity, as well as extract value from trends and distressed market turning points. By doing this exceptionally well, with a focus on clients and responsible citizenship, we see value where others cannot.